NGS Open Garden: Trench Hill, Sheepscombe

Trench Hill, Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire is a three acre garden with amazing views of the surrounding Cotswold countryside.

trench hill garden in early spring

Lots of shrubs to provide interest

I visited at the end of a very cold March, which has held back many flowers, but nevertheless enjoyed a walk along the woodland paths and saw plenty of narcissi, snowdrops, anemone and hellebores.

spring flowers in woodland setting

Abundant spring flowers

The garden has a couple of ponds and lots of sculptures, together with plenty of shrubs that are yet to have their moment of glory.

water fountain in garden pond

Fountain in small poind

Although an enjoyable visit, perhaps a visit later in the year would hold visitors interest for longer than at present.

views of Cotswold countryside

Stunning views


Trench Hill, Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire GL6 6TZ: Open under the National Garden Scheme, see their website for details of opening times and admission prices.

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