Greenhouse Shading

At this time of year, when the sun is actually shining, it is incredibly strong. The temperature in the greenhouse rises rapidly and plants, young seedlings in particular, are vulnerable to scorching. I noticed yesterday that several of my seedlings have been burnt in the greenhouse. Fortunately I had already ordered some shade netting and thankfully it turned up today.

green netting shading in greenhouse

Shading inside lean-to greenhouse

I chose to use the green netting-type material, that is supposed to cut fifty per cent of the sun’s rays. Some people drape this over the outside of their greenhouses, but because we have lean-to type greenhouse, I thought it would be easier to fix on the inside. We put up some wire and hung the netting using some curtain hooks. Hanging on the inside also means that when it is overcast, we can draw back the netting to let more light in.

I am very happy with the result and it seems very effective at controlling the sun, without making it too dark. It also helps keep the temperature down.

This product is also suitable for use as a windbreak in the garden, where for example, it can protect newly planted hedges and shrubs.

Update August 2015:
This horticultural shade netting has been used for three summers now. It is taken down in the autumn and hung again in the spring. It has not broken down at all in the sun and has plenty more years of use in it yet. It was a good investment.



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