Controlling Garden Pests

IMG_20130526_100054I planted out some Lollo Rossa lettuce seedlings today and of course, they need protecting from the slugs, snails and the pigeons.

To protect against the slugs  and snails, I surround each plant with a good sprinkling of crushed egg shells.

DSC_2387I save egg shells throughout the year and bake the shells in the oven (when cooking something else) to make them nice and crisp.

Then I crunch them up by putting the shells in a plastic bag and standing on them (it is too painful to do it by hand!) I keep all the crushed shells in a container in the shed to use when required.

IMG_20130526_101842I sprinkle the crushed shells around all vulnerable plants that emerge in the Spring, such as hostas and delphiniums, as well as vegetable seedlings such as runner beans and lettuce.

As you can see the hostas are relatively free from slug and snail damage.

IMG_20130526_100521Apart from being safer to use than slug pellets, the other advantage is that the shells are rain proof.

IMG_20130526_100500To protect against the pigeons devouring my plants, I either use netting over the entire bed, or individual wire net collars that I place over each plant – they are just high enough to stop the birds!

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