Mysotis (Forget-me-not)

I have probably seen more ladybirds in the garden today, than I saw all last summer, which is great news for us and bad news for the aphids! I watched these little guys/gals for ages crawling on the forget-me-not flowers (Mysotis).

Ladybird on forget-me-not flowers

The forget-me-not blue contrasts so well with the yellow flowers that dominate spring gardens. I love them planted around the base of tulips. They are so easy to grow, just scatter some seed down in the summer/autumn and the following year you will be rewarded with lots of flowers on compact plants. I bought a packet of forget-me-not seed some years ago and have never had to buy any since! I always leave some plants to self-seed after flowering. When the plantlets grow, I just move them to where I want them and pull up any excess.


In the language of flowers, Forget-me-nots mean True Love, Memories, Do not forget.

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