Plectranthus argentatus ‘Silver Shield’

The thick silver-grey velvety leaves of Plectranthus argentatus make it a perfect foil when planted with dark leafed plants or strong contrasting flowers.

silver grey leaves annual bedding plant

Silver-grey textured foliage contrasts with many other plants and flowers.

Plectranthus argentatus ‘Silver Shield’ is a native of Australia and therefore, is not hardy in this country, where it is best grown as an annual bedding plant or in a large container. It does not require full sun and is drought tolerant.

flower spike of silver leafed plant

Flower spikes appear in early autumn and are approx 20 cms long

The flower spikes produced in early autumn are fascinating, growing up to 20 cms long, and covered in a multitude of tiny flowers, each one just a centimetre high and resembling a miniature orchid. Some people prefer to pinch out the flower spikes when grown for foliage alone, but I rather like them.

tiny blue and white orchid-like flower

The individual flowers are like miniature orchids

The young foliage has the most attractive colour, so it is best to raise new plants by taking cuttings. Overwinter cuttings in a greenhouse or keep indoors as a houseplant and take cuttings next spring.

Plectranthus argentatus ‘Silver Shield’ grows approximately 60 cms high and wide.

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