dissertation research prospectus Every year I am bewildered when I see garden centres and supermarkets selling ‘painted’ heathers in a variety of garish colours.

enter painted-heathers-2 These are ¬†usually the variety of heather Calluna vulgaris, dyed in a variety of colours. Just why anyone would want to buy these artificially coloured plants is beyond me; they must clash horribly with other colours in the garden. Presumably the dye fades after a while or perhaps it just kills the plant, I don’t know for sure. If it lives then the new growth will not be that colour, so it must leave people very disappointed at having bought a specific colour.

alan turry dissertation painted-heathers

http://www.debeeldbakkerij.nl/?educ=maps10 I would much prefer to buy natural heathers and wait until they flower!


http://www.debhopton.com/?educ=maps3 Lovely display of natural, autumn-flowering heathers


go Winter-flowering heather

http://www.accrochenotes.fr/?educ=maps2 If you are looking for autumn flowering plants or foliage for winter interest, there are many better choices for your garden than painted heathers. You can find a few examples of autumn flowering plants and winter flowering plants here.

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