First early seed potatoes in a pot

dissertation writing for payment the best Although I don’t have a lot of space in my garden for growing main crop potatoes, I do like to grow some early potatoes. I usually plant first early potatoes around about the first week of March, depending on the weather and if the soil is warm enough. But they never seem to reach maturity when I would wish them to. So, this year I am trying something different.Continue reading

Pumpkins awaiting their fate – to be carved up – lit for one night and then be discarded! It is estimated that 10 million pumpkins are grown in the UK every year and 95% are used as Halloween lanterns.

Pumpkins for sale for Halloween

The tradition of using pumpkins as lanterns at Halloween is based on an ancient Celtic custom which was taken to America by European immigrants. The faces of lost souls were carved onto hollowed out pumpkins and turnips and a candle was placed inside to make a lantern, which was placed on doorsteps to ward off evil spirits.