I love the dried seed heads almost as much as I do the flowers! Poppy seed heads are particularly attractive and I leave some on the plants well into the autumn to provide interest in the border.  Sometimes I’ll pick some to use in dried flower arrangements indoors. The seeds will self-sow in the garden.

Dried poppy seed head

The nicotianas are a riot of colour at the moment and as evening draws near, the smell they emit is divine!

I grew these from seed – actually they were in a packet labelled busy lizzie, but I could tell they weren’t! I have way more than I need, but they have made such an impact on the garden.


Busy Lizzie flowers are easy to grow plants for your summer pots and bedding. At the end of the summer, you can collect the seed heads and you will have a supply of seeds for the following year.

When the seed pods are ripe you can just gently touch the seed capsule and they explode, catapulting the seeds out! This is a macro shot of the inside of the popped capsule.

Busy Lizzie seed pod

This is a pretty little annual flower which is very easy to grow from seed and is ideal for hanging baskets or shady places. Each flower has five petals, each one with a deep blue spot at the tip – hence the name.  As you can see from this picture the bees love the flowers!

Bumble bee on Nemophila maculata Five Spot