I love the clusters of tiny pink and white flowers on Viburnum Tinus, which will flower its heart out throughout the depths of winter. Although some people might consider this too common to have in their garden, it is such an easy shrub to grow, performing well in a variety of aspects, it is well-worth a place in your garden.


The garden has still got plenty of colour even though it’s the first day of October! These hardy fuchsias will flower until the first frosts. Such a worthwhile addition to any garden, they flower their hearts out all summer long with no attention whatsoever.

Hardy Fuchsia

I purchased this Helianthus from an NGS Open Garden earlier this year. It is a perennial version of the popular annual sunflower and I have been surprised just how vigorously it has grown and how many flowers it has, which will grow again year after year. Unfortunately I forgot about it after planting and the stem flopped over, so must make a note to stake it next year!

Perennial Sunflower

Both the yellow lantern-like flowers and the fluffy seed heads of this clematis make it well worth growing. It is very easy to grow and a vigorous climber – useful for climbing up trees and large shrubs. The seed heads will remain on the plant throughout the winter and I will cut the whole plant down to the ground in the spring.

Clematis tangutica

The flowers of Nerine bowdenii brighten up the dullest days of autumn with their wavy pink petals. The leaves appear after the flowers. These flowers have been in my garden for over 16 years and reliably flower every autumn without any fuss. The gardening manuals say they hate disturbance, but I divided them up last year without any ill-effects.

Nerine bowdenii