Sedum flowers are the bees must-have food at the moment! The flowers are not even fully out and the bees are crawling all over them. Sedums are a wonderful plant to have in the garden, as they have so much to offer for three quarters of the year. The young lush shoots in the spring, the beautiful flowers, followed by the seed heads which look superb covered in frost.


I grow Campanula medium, or Canterbury Bells, from seed and find they are best treated as a biennial flower, although sometimes they can be a short-lived perennial.  The colours range from white, through pale pink to purple. They are easy to grow from seed and in their second year the plants will reach 2-3 feet in height, with masses of flowers on each steam, which the bees absolutely adore. Dead-heading may produce a second flush of flowers, but not as profuse as the initial flowering.

Pale pink Campanula medium