This Giant Scotch Thistle stands majestically in the border at around nine feet tall and has just started to flower, which the bees will go made for! It is a biennial flower which will self seed readily. When I see the seedlings pop up I move them to where I want them to flower, usually at the back of a border where they are not going to attack passers-by (the leaves are very prickly!)

Onopordum acanthium

I grow Campanula medium, or Canterbury Bells, from seed and find they are best treated as a biennial flower, although sometimes they can be a short-lived perennial.  The colours range from white, through pale pink to purple. They are easy to grow from seed and in their second year the plants will reach 2-3 feet in height, with masses of flowers on each steam, which the bees absolutely adore. Dead-heading may produce a second flush of flowers, but not as profuse as the initial flowering.

Pale pink Campanula medium

When this flower arrived in my garden a few years ago I thought it was just another weed. I found out that the root can be eaten, although I have never tried it – I just enjoy the flowers! Also known as Oyster plant, it is a prolific self-seeder so if you don’t want too many of these plants, remove the dead flower heads before they seed everywhere!

Salsify wildflower