wooden rose arch, circular island bed

Garden arches make interesting features in garden design. Use them to separate different ‘garden rooms’, or to give some height to a newly planted garden, or even just to grow climbing plants up them. It is worth investing in a good quality arch as cheap ones often rot very quickly, or are not strong enough to take the weight of the plants growing up them.

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‘High Hopes’ is a climbing rose in my garden. Not sure this should be flowering in November, but I am enjoying the memory of the summer garden and a rare glimpse of the sun!


Climbing Rose 'High Hopes.

“God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.” James Matthew Barrie

The clematis Dr Ruppel is looking stunning in my garden at the moment and has so many flowers on it. It is a strong climber with large striped flowers and the centre is very attractive. It’s got its head in the sun and roots in the shade so is very happy.

Dr Ruppel Clematis

This is an evergreen, spring flowering clematis, the flowers of which are a creamy white and have a gorgeous scent. It is a very vigorous plant, so I would advise you to give it something strong to climb up, with plenty of room to grow!

Clematis armandii

rose,arch,Over the winter we removed a conifer tree that had become a bit of a thug. The roots were travelling under the path and coming up in the vegetable beds. You could tell where the roots had reached, as the veggies and strawberries were not growing as well as the others. Enough, is enough, we thought. Food comes before an overgrown bully-boy conifer, so down it came.

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