This clematis grows wild in the hedgerows and in the autumn the fluffy seed heads appear – they are known as Old Man’s Beard or traveller’s joy. This wild clematis is a vigorous climber which entwines itself around any convenient nearby support. It is said to do the Devil’s work for him by smothering other plants to death. In this image the clematis has twined itself through a hawthorn and I love how the late afternoon sun catches the seed heads.

Old Man's Beard

The garden has still got plenty of colour even though it’s the first day of October! These hardy fuchsias will flower until the first frosts. Such a worthwhile addition to any garden, they flower their hearts out all summer long with no attention whatsoever.

Hardy Fuchsia

Conkers are the seed of the Horse Chestnut tree and it is a very British tradition for children to play the game of conkers in the school playground.  Leaving conkers in the house is supposed to repel spiders, but can’t say this works entirely for me!

Conker from the Horse Chestnut tree

If you are looking for conker pictures, the following picture is available for immediate license on Picfair