I grew this spurge from seed quite a few years ago and although the label has long since disappeared, I am pretty certain it is called Euphorbia cyparissias. I love its long season of interest, starting in the spring with the fresh lime green foliage, followed by the acid yellow bracts which age to red. In the autumn the foliage turns a lovely pink colour before dying back for the winter.

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This variety of Begonia is typically grown for its unusual foliage, rather than the flowers. It gets its name from the snail-like spiral at the base of the leaf. Treated as an annual bedding plant in the UK and can be grown as a house plant.

Begonia 'Escargot'

Leaf of Melianthus major, or Honey Bush. I grew this tender shrub from seed last year and because it has been so mild, it has survived the winter. Not only that but there is a flower bud! I have only seen the flower once before, on a previous plant I grew that didn’t survive several cold winters.

Leaf of Melianthus major