wooden rose arch, circular island bed

Garden arches make interesting features in garden design. Use them to separate different ‘garden rooms’, or to give some height to a newly planted garden, or even just to grow climbing plants up them. It is worth investing in a good quality arch as cheap ones often rot very quickly or are not strong enough to take the weight of the plants growing up them.

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Our garden has extremely heavy, clay soil – the sort you could make pottery from if you were so inclined. Generally it is either too wet or rock solid and I have to wait for a gardening window when digging over the soil or planting anything. I have added loads of home-made compost and grit over the years, which has improved some areas. However, the most important lesson I have learned is to grow plants that are tough and don’t require too much fussing over once established.

Tonight it was so dry that I just had to water the vegetables and annuals. Our neighbour has a pond, but I swear the frogs spend more time in our garden than in the pond. This little chap was sitting under some foliage trying to look cool!


Baby robinI am pleased to report that we have a new addition to our garden. This evening I was delighted to meet ‘my’ baby robin – the one I have helped to feed over the last few months!

Curious baby robinHe/she was hopping around me when I was weeding and seems just as curious and friendly as his mum. No sign of his parents though, so I guess he’s fending for himself now.

Pair of robins waiting to be fedMeet Mr and Mrs Robin, his parents, who absolutely loved the suet pellets I fed them through the long cold winter.