Meet my topiary man, called Peregrine. He has just received his annual clip and has been given new eyes, nose and buttons made from dried seed heads.

It’s a good time to trim box hedges when the weather is dull and before the frosts begin.

Topiary box man

The robin thought we had emptied the compost bin just for his convenience – as they do! He collected so many grubs to take back to his mate, who must be sitting on eggs as there was no sign of her. I believe this is a mature robin as he was confident and battle-scared. He was hopping into the wheelbarrow as we were forking out the compost!

Robin perched on fork handle

On such a grey, damp day it was difficult to find something to photograph. This colourful old wall, covered in moss and lichen attracted my attention and I am pleased with the resulting depth of field and perspective.