Bowood House is a huge estate where you can walk in acres of grounds filled with vast specimen trees, see a cascade, walk around a lake and visit a garden temple. If you go expecting to see flower-filled gardens you will be disappointed. It costs extra and pre-booking to view the walled garden – the reason being that this is the owners private garden and it is kept under lock and key!

Bowood House, Wiltshire

Situated on a north-facing slope of a tranquil Devon valley, accessed by narrow country lanes, the ten acres of garden is divided into different areas with a network of meandering paths and a new vista round every corner. There is a cottage-garden style garden, a romantic walled garden, rhododendron and camellia walks, a wild flower meadow, acer glade and a newly planted arboretum with its own lake. It even boasts its own 16th century ruins, summer house and thatched cottage. The wild flower meadow has stunning views across the valley to Buckland church. The house to which the garden belongs was a former Georgian vicarage which nowadays houses the tearoom and offices.
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Visited the beautiful Spetchley Park Gardens in Worcestershire today. There is such a lot to see here from magnificent specimen trees to well stocked flower borders. A full review is coming soon, but in the meantime my picture of the day is the beautiful water stork water feature.

Spetchley Park Gardens, Worcestershire

The robin thought we had emptied the compost bin just for his convenience – as they do! He collected so many grubs to take back to his mate, who must be sitting on eggs as there was no sign of her. I believe this is a mature robin as he was confident and battle-scared. He was hopping into the wheelbarrow as we were forking out the compost!

Robin perched on fork handle