This pretty little beetle is only about 6mm long, with an iridescent body which looks as though it’s been carefully embossed. I found this one on the rosemary bush in my garden, but they also like to eat the leaves and flowers of lavender, sage and thyme. I tolerate this beetle chewing the leaves of the rosemary, but if it becomes a problem then then environmentally friendly way to get rid of them is to pick them off and squash them!

Chrysolina americana

The name ‘Common blue damselfly’ is not the most flattering name for this beautiful insect, but Enallagma Cyathigera is common in Europe. This small, brightly coloured damselfly is probably the most common of dragonflies and damselflies in Britain. It inhabits a wide range of habitats, from small ponds to rivers.

Enallagma cyathigerum

I went to photograph this beautiful cornflower and when I got close noticed it had an occupant! It was a type of shield bug I think – red on the outside with a gold triangle in the middle.

Shield Bug in Centaurea cyanus