I can’t get enough of Acers! In the Spring the fresh young leaves light up the garden with youthful promise; the leaves dance around in the summer breeze like colourful handkerchiefs and in the Autumn their fiery colours give us the most spectacular natural fireworks display. People think they are difficult to look after, but all you need to do is protect them from cold winds in winter and strong sun in summer.

New leaves on golden Acer tree

Over the last few days the leaves on this sycamore tree have started to unfurl. I adore the crinkly copper-coloured new leaves – a sure sign that Spring has arrived, albeit accompanied by hail storms.


Leaf of Melianthus major, or Honey Bush. I grew this tender shrub from seed last year and because it has been so mild, it has survived the winter. Not only that but there is a flower bud! I have only seen the flower once before, on a previous plant I grew that didn’t survive several cold winters.

Leaf of Melianthus major

These raindrops glistening in the sunshine on the leaves of Melianthus Major caught my eye this morning; it looked as though it was covered in jewels. It was difficult to pick one image over the others, but I chose this one because of the reflections in the water drops.

Macro of raindrops on leaf

I got the idea for today’s image when the sun emerged just as I went to eat a banana! I remembered the banana plant I am over-wintering in the conservatory and how lovely the leaves look with the sun behind them.

A banana silbouetted behind banana leaf