The clematis Dr Ruppel is looking stunning in my garden at the moment and has so many flowers on it. It is a strong climber with large striped flowers and the centre is very attractive. It’s got its head in the sun and roots in the shade so is very happy.

Dr Ruppel Clematis

Sadly, the tulips are past their best now, but remain beautiful to the end.  I thought this one with its floppy petals, still had an ethereal quality which I just had to photograph.

White Tulip, showing stamens stigma

The lilies in my Mother’s Day bouquet are flowering and the scent is absolutely divine!

In this abstract macro I have tried to capture the subtle colour and delicateness of the petals.

Macro of lily petal

I didn’t get round to planting these bulbs until after Christmas, so they are only just beginning to flower. This is a delicate, miniature iris, small, but beautifully formed with velvety petals and striking markings.

Iris reticulata

This is probably my favourite British wild flower. It takes me right back to my childhood when they were a common sight in fields and we used to pick them by the handful and stuff them into jam jars filled with water. I grow these from seed many years ago and they have happily spread themselves around the garden.

Yellow flower: Cowslips, Primula veris

When cowslips and primroses grow in close proximity to one another, they cross pollinate to produce an interesting variation called a false oxlip – in a true oxlip, the flowers droop to one side.

False oxslip