The robin thought we had emptied the compost bin just for his convenience – as they do! He collected so many grubs to take back to his mate, who must be sitting on eggs as there was no sign of her. I believe this is a mature robin as he was confident and battle-scared. He was hopping into the wheelbarrow as we were forking out the compost!

Robin perched on fork handle

Baby robinI am pleased to report that we have a new addition to our garden. This evening I was delighted to meet ‘my’ baby robin – the one I have helped to feed over the last few months!

Curious baby robinHe/she was hopping around me when I was weeding and seems just as curious and friendly as his mum. No sign of his parents though, so I guess he’s fending for himself now.

Pair of robins waiting to be fedMeet Mr and Mrs Robin, his parents, who absolutely loved the suet pellets I fed them through the long cold winter.