The garden has still got plenty of colour even though it’s the first day of October! These hardy fuchsias will flower until the first frosts. Such a worthwhile addition to any garden, they flower their hearts out all summer long with no attention whatsoever.

Hardy Fuchsia

Meet my topiary man, called Peregrine. He has just received his annual clip and has been given new eyes, nose and buttons made from dried seed heads.

It’s a good time to trim box hedges when the weather is dull and before the frosts begin.

Topiary box man

This exotic looking flower is the flower spike on my Melianthus major shrub. Melianthus, also known as Honeybush, is a tender shrub and when growing outside in England it normally dies back in the winter due to the cold. Due to the mild winter we have had this year, it not only survived, but has flowered as well! I am particularly pleased with this one as I grew the shrub from seed last year.

Flower on Melianthus major

Melianthus major has previously been my pictures of the day here and here.

Leaf of Melianthus major, or Honey Bush. I grew this tender shrub from seed last year and because it has been so mild, it has survived the winter. Not only that but there is a flower bud! I have only seen the flower once before, on a previous plant I grew that didn’t survive several cold winters.

Leaf of Melianthus major