I grew this spurge from seed quite a few years ago and although the label has long since disappeared, I am pretty certain it is called Euphorbia cyparissias. I love its long season of interest, starting in the spring with the fresh lime green foliage, followed by the acid yellow bracts which age to red. In the autumn the foliage turns a lovely pink colour before dying back for the winter.

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The half-timbered lych-gate at St Mary’s church, Painswick in Gloucestershire, looking pretty with the crocuses blooming in the sunshine today. The churchyard is world-famous for its 99 clipped yew trees.

The Lychgate at St Mary's Church, Painswick, Gloucestershire

Painswick is sometimes referred to at ‘The Queen of the Cotswolds’  and is a photographer’s paradise.

The BBC drama, The Casual Vacancy based on a story by JK Rowling, is partly set in the village of Painswick.