It was quite a challenge photographing this little flower as it is only about 10cms high! Lying on the ground with a cold wind blowing all the flowers around, this was one of those occasions when a swivel screen on the camera would have been useful. Even a little insect had taken refuge inside the flower.

Common dog violet

This is an evergreen, spring flowering clematis, the flowers of which are a creamy white and have a gorgeous scent. It is a very vigorous plant, so I would advise you to give it something strong to climb up, with plenty of room to grow!

Clematis armandii

Spotted the first ladybird of the year today – a Seven spot ladybird. We hardly saw any last year and as a result had so many aphids on the runner beans. I do hope this little lady survives and has lots of babies to eat the aphids!

7 spot Ladybird on daffodil